It is during the Age of Blaze that major civilizations started and flourished. Humans were the first to settle on Caerundal as they spread across the world. The humans created a wide variety of kingdoms across Caerundal and, by the time the dwarves emerged, most arable land had been taken up by Human presence. The dwarves were initially forced to lead a nomadic existence until they were eventually driven into the generally inhospitable mountains. Early dwarven history was filled with unfortunate setbacks until they eventually took towards living a conservative and isolated existence, expanding only very slowly and carefully. The Elves were also a wandering people, though they quickly settled down into a vibrant society. Following an invasion by human raiders, the elves of Caerundal united under the first elven king and created the first Elven nation. 


In their mission to develop their magical powers, the Skrinair race sought to combine the magic of all the Eight Faiths. They took their ambitions further and further as they tried to catch a glimpse of the power of their creator, Irenus. After thousands of years of study, they eventually succeeded in reaching immortality and advanced insights in magic. In their conceit, they thought they could outdo Irenus and created their own more perfect realm, free from the other less accomplished races. ​ They succeeded in creating this new realm but when they tried to use the faiths to shape it, things went quickly wrong. It is uncertain why this happened exactly. Some say that Irenus himself stepped in, possibly because he did not intend for any mortals to possess so much power. Other doubt this, claiming that Irenus is an enlightened being that no longer interferes with mortal affairs and pointing towards the skrinair’s still very limited understanding of divine affairs - while still others claim that it was the patrons and the very faiths themselves that stood up against the skrinair.  Whatever the reason the power of the skrinair rapidly faded. The once wise, bright, and fair race faded into darkness. Their slender bodies blackened and their eyes turned hauntingly white. The realm created by the skrinair remained as it was when they first created it, barren, empty, and void. The people of Uthrandir have come to call this world the End, and there the skrinair still dwell. They've been twisted into a shadow of their former selves known as the Endermen and roam the End as seemingly non-sentient beings, occasionally slipping back into Uthrandir through means unknown.

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