End TimesEdit

The period after the skrinair had come to an end and where all known civilizations collapsed has come to be known as the ‘End Times’. After the Skrinair faded, a series of catastrophies lasting nearly 3000 years hit Uthrandir. Natural disasters, disease, war, and famine swept the land - undoing most progress.  Likewise, it is uncertain why the End Times came about. Many thought that it was Irenus’ punishment for the Skrinair’s arrogance, whilst others think that the release of all the accumulated magical energy after the skrinair faded brought about the End Times. 

Divine LawEdit

Out of fear Irenus’ wrath, the Divine Law, stating that no mortal may follow more than two faiths at a time, was formulated. As time passed, the reasoning faded and the Divine Law became part of common knowledge. Local stories surrounding the Divine Law evolved and range from jealousy amongst the patrons to the risk of becoming an enderman yourself. ​


Because the End Times were such a defining moment for Uthrandir, history has been divided by this event. Happenings before this event are marked as BET, Before End Times, and happenings after this are marked as AET, After End Times.

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