During the Age of Kindling, Irenus the Divine created Uthrandir, our world, through the Eight Faiths. After this, Irenus introduced mortals to his world. 

The FaithsEdit

The Faiths form the religious, cultural and magical background on Uthrandir. While there are some who do not believe, most every person on Uthrandir believes in the faiths and is aligned to some faiths more than others. Those who do not believe are seen as heretics.  The Eight Faiths are Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Life, Death, Order and Chaos. 

The PatronsEdit

Every faith has different characteristics in the way it influences the world. When mortals recognized these characteristics, they made up personalities to fit them. Over time, the Faiths came to be recognized by these personalities; the Patrons. Each Faith has three main characteristics and, thus, three Patrons. These Patrons are objects of direct worship that form the link between mortals and the Faiths. 


After Irenus created the Faiths, he created the mortal beings of Uthrandir. He started with Humans, a greatly diverse species in their appearance and character. As humans developed their strong sense of adventure, curiosity led them to explore and settle across much of Uthrandir. In time, Irenus grew bored of humanity’s great diversity and set out to create more distinct races. Whereas humans, in their great diversity rarely formed political unity and often fought amongst themselves, these newer races tended to be much more cohesive. 


There are several continents on Uthrandir. Our current viewpoint is from that of the continent of Caerundal and therefore have little knowledge as to what goes on on the other continents. It is on Caerundal that Irenus created first the Dwarves, then the Elves and Halflings. During later times, individuals from other races traveled across the seas to Caerundal, but their appearance is much less common than these ‘common races’. As of now, southern Caerundal is too dangerous to reach because of a great plague. ​


Eventually, mortals learned to harness the powers left behind the creation of the world and the faiths: magic. Some of this magic is only accessible to devout followers of a particular faith, while other magics are more easily accessible. One of the later races to be created were the Skrinair, a race especially gifted with magical ability. They spearheaded the discovery and further development of magic.

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