Aura Nightheart
Full Name Aura Nightheart
Title Lord Aura the Majestic
Race Phoenix
Age 87
Faith Fire
Patron Solus
Residence House Nightheart, Darkling City
Occupation NA
Family Nightheart
Relatives Kiara Nightheart, Kaltorin, Yami Nightheart
Physical attributes
Height 2 feet
Weight Fairly light, only 60-70 pounds.
Hair Colour It's a bird. No hair.
Eye colour Dark Green

Aura Nightheart is a Firebird, or phoenix, except doesn't regenerate, he has piercing dark green eyes, orange and red feathers, an aura of light surrounds him, and he is the familiar of the Dark Angel Kiara Nightheart


Aura was born in the firebird lands of Ashurnia in Damaethia or, the lands that no one knows of as they are referred to in Caerundal. A demon threw him through a time rift, and now he lives in the city of Darkling.

House NightheartEdit

House Nightheart, the home of the Nightheart family is an estate sitting in Darkling Woods a mile or so from Darkling City. This is where Aura is considered Lord Aura the Majestic, and is home to the entire Nightheart family.

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