By Lance Risk

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The ConclaveEdit

The Conclave of Dreams is one of the most ancient Organizations in Uthrandir's history, and was founded shortly before the beginning of the Age of Blaze. The majority of the order was power housed in Damaethia, but a small group migrated to Cearundal at some point in time. The Order believes in a ninth faith,called the Dream faith, and worship three patrons, Symnloss, the patron of nightmare and maddness, Eudaimia, patron of bliss and peace. and the strongest of the three, Thelemun, patron of Willpower.


The goal of the order is to end Famine, War, Pestilence, and Death, through the use of strange magics, that make ones dreams, turn into reality.


The Conclave was originally founded by the young, and ambitious Skrinair, thought the order split into two groups, one faction being the Skrinair, and the other being the less god lusting mortals...

It is said that when the order was at its peak of glory around the time between the Age of Blaze, and the Age of Embers, the order died out somehow, little is known about the orders disappearance, though of late it has begun to resurface. Yet it after the fall of Vexxerana the order went into hiding and is presumed disbanded, however, as of the soli 5996 the order is thriving in an "underground" cammunity with many of the members connecting and spreading the word of Dreams, however slow it may be


Currently the members of the order are unknown but oocly, it is led by Eibon