Eibon the dreamer

By Lance

Eibon Cheshire


Eibon is in a nutshell randomness, and always seems to have a different personality when seen, other than when he gets serious, in which case he turns into a raving lunatic, or a calm man, and becomes very dangerous and unpredictable.


Eibon is mostly known as a strange mage wearing strange red robes lined with gold thread, and bearing non-faith magic, and being one of the few non-Biased Scholars of Uthrandir, but his true role was once that of a Primal Heretic of Uthrandir, and the Leader of the Ocult known as the Conclave of Dreams , though this is known by few, even those in the cult. The cult proclaims that there is a lost faith, that represents the dreams of mortals, and will stop at nothing to make it recognized, however slowly it will take.Though of late he has come to realization of the only true faiths, and now is a follower of Air, but his favorite patron is Shaeloth. Truely he is one of Uthrandir's more ambitious residents. though of late he has gone missing, most likely in south Cearundal. Now he wonders catologing all he sees, and practicing the art of arcane air magic. Though he still partakes in practicing blink magic


Eibon is Self-proclaimed The oldest, still living mortal in Uthrandir, and there are recorded sightings of him as early as the begining of the Rekindling era. Though he shares little he seems to know much about the past events of history, and has vast knowledge on the touchy subject of Skrinair.

For a brief time, He was proclaimed a prophet, and over saw the future of Vaxxerana, but shortly after his banishment of Frost, one of Vaxxerana's colonies, Vaxxerana fell at the hands of Redskye , as Eibon fortold it would, the King shortly after went into exile by his people, and Eibon was searched for as a fit in for a temporary goverment official, and as a guide, but could not be found,

the last sighting was of him leaving his once owned town of Frost , which he had built with his own two hands, with a crowd of his loyal followers sailing on a raft into the east sea