Caerundel is home to an array of animals and wildlife who play crucial, and sometimes harmful, roles in the lives of its denizens.

Swine Edit


A wild boar, as found in forests across the realm

Swine can be mostly be found in the parts of the northern continent, where wild boars commonly roam the woods and forests. Boars are popular game animals for seasoned hunters and rich nobility alike,

providing plentiful meat and a tusked head that stand proudly as a trophy on any woodsman's wall. Domesticated swine, or pigs, are commonplace in farms across the realm, providing meat able to be eaten raw, cooked or salted.


Cattle are often found in the many plains of the northern half of Caerundal, and tend to stay in groups. While not 

used as game animals, they are often herded and domesticated by nearby settlements, 


The most common of cattle, although other varieties can be found.

providing resources, such as food and milks, to the citizens.

While their meat is also not as prized as boar meat, it is a common food to be found among the people, being easy to gather from town farms. The meat is also used in many dishes, such as stews, aswell as having spices or salts added to increase flavour.


Wild fowls,ducks and peafowls are amoung one of the easiest wild hunt to catch, 


The common domestic chicken, often raised by pheasants.

and are common amoung nothern Caerundal.The most common being ducks that rest near rivers and lakes.

Domestic poultry such as chickens are far more popular with lower classes. Egg harvesting is alsovery popular amoung farmers and have a common place on the dinner plate for the rich.