Garfwin Norfoot
Garfwin throne
The Grand Duke at his throne in Holsmere Keep
Full Name Garfwin Farno Norfoot
Title Grand Duke of Holsmere,

Sovereign of the Halflings

Race Halfling
Age 43
Faith Earth
Patron Agatha the Elder
Residence Holsmere
Occupation Reining Grand Duke of Holsmere
Family Norfoot
Relatives Orwaldo Norfoot

Sparno Norfoot

Physical attributes
Height 125cm
Weight 90kg
Hair Colour Brown/grey
Eye colour Blue
Garfwin Farno Norfoot is the reigning Grand Duke of the Duchy of Holsmere, and self proclaimed sovereign of the Halflings.

Early LifeEdit

Garfwin was born into unfortunate circumstances. He and his much older brother Orwaldo were, despite coming from a very wealthy and prestigious family, given a very different upbringing. Orwaldo was born to purely halfling parents - Farno Norfoot and his first wife - although after the wife's early death, Farno fell for - completely scandalous and unheard of in Norfoot history - a human woman. Denounced by the rest of the Norfoots, Farno stepped down from his mayorship of Holsmere and fled into exile with his new (human) wife and their newborn child, Garfwin. Orwaldo meanwhile, was sent to live with his uncle in Tulley Town, and when he became of age, some years later, inherited the mayorship of Holsmere. The Norfoots, including Orwaldo, never mentioned Farno and his dealings again. History was rewritten, backs were turned.

Despite his interracial genealogy, Garfwin is unmistakably halfling in appearance, although ever so slightly taller than the average height. He never met his brother Orwaldo after his first week of life, when he and his parents were forced into exile. Stripped of his halfling nobility due to the choices of his father, throughout his youth Garfwin was fuelled by envy and hatred for his older brother, and a wild ambition began to grow on him more and more the older he grew.

Ascension to the throneEdit

-        On his thirty-first birthday, Garfwin had had enough. Both his parents were long passed away and he knew it was time to reclaim his dignity and pride. Due to Orwaldo not having any heirs, he knew full well that despite being outcasted from the Norfoot family he was the next in line to the Lordship of Holsmere and the rest of Orwaldo's titles. His plan was short, smiple and foolproof. Nobody had even heard of him, so no one could suspect him of any misdeed, surely. In the coming months he traversed the lands of Northern Caerundel, becoming acquainted with the towns and empires that covered the diverse landscape. Throughout his travels he would cast rumours of Orwaldo Norfoot's ill health and his days growing rapidly thinner.


-         Eventually, he arrived at the final port. The humble Holsmere docks looked upon him with more menace than the most imposing structures across the land, though Garfwin's mind was set. Slipping into the mayor's estate in the dead of night, he covered the sleeping man's face with a towel hanging from a nearby bannister. No blood, no mess. Orwaldo didn't even have the time to scream before he was thrown into an eternal slumber.

-          Inheriting his late brother's titles and land, the new Duke went straight to work. No longer was he a recluse. No longer was Garwin Farno Norfoot a forgotten name.