H.E, Chesire.


By far The Hermit is the most Irrational Character across all of Uthrandir, and seems to be a madman. He constantly refuses to make sense, but at times shows absolute brilliance, but over all just seems to be a madman with strange power. Be carefull when around him, as he can be a friend one moment, and a enemy the next depending on his quick changing mind


The Hermit is a ecstatic, and unstable fellow of Cearundal, and is often seem in the background of key moments in history since two soli ago. He seems to bear non-faith magic, yet avoids divine punishment somehow. While none know it, The Hermit Isn't an actual Sentient Being, and is Eibon's Shadow, and fills Eibon's disappearance and does his Will, in his absence. Though when asked he will say he is an Angel.

He is aslo proclaimed as a Blink Mage, and is often cunning in comat


The first sighting of the Hermit was two Soli ago when he climbed down the mountains where the Cobalt  resides. He shortly after showed signs that he was using non-faith magic, but when confronted simply swiped the subject off the table. He is known to have 3 connections to the Cobalt, which is how he seems to avoid divine law, and one connection the Order of White. He is one of the few soul survivors of the war between the Cobalt and the Order of White War, as he was abscent from the battle due to certain matters. He is also currently one of the Power Houses in Frost, and seems to know all of the town's secrets