Physical DescriptionEdit


Humans are one of the fastest aging races in Caerundal . They mature rapidly, but most only live until around 80, if they haven't already been killed by diseases or battle.












Most fully grown humans are around 5ft to 6ft tall, althought there are exceptions, where humans are born with deformities, causing them to be incredibly small, or, in rare cases, much larger than the average human. Children are very short, but tend to grow extremely fast during adolescence.


Human's coming in a multitude of different weights, mostly depending on their lifestyle. It is common to see rich or noble humans be much larger and less active, due to the fact that human delicacies are often fattening, while poorer humans are underweight.


Human clothing is vastly different from human to human. The richer and more well off humans will be seen wearing heavy tunics with fur cloaks, whilst the poorer are seen in ragged linens. Some humans, mainly the shady type, wear hoods, to conceal their identity, whilst mages are often seen wearing robes.

Those who live in the Esamtari Deserts will be seen wearing different clothing to that of a northernman, with things such as face cowls and sandals for footwear, whilst the northerners will be wearing thick animal furs and boots.



Psychological DescriptionEdit




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