Not much is known of Jarrak, whom came from the unknown. What is known is whispers, rumors, nothing more about a man now dead. 


Jarrak initially wore a hooded cloak, hiding his face within its shadow and carried himself along with great fatigue but as he grew in power he got rid of his cloak; exchanging it for a suit of armor crafted specifically for combat against mages. His cloudly blue-grey eyes always had a slightly intimidating glare but beneath that was an underlying sadness  and his lower face was covered by an armored leather collar. 


Jarrak was generally quiet, observant, and unsociable; oftenly he avoided direct contact with individuals and his attitude changed with the situation. He was quite charismatic and able to turn people to his causes, despite his lack of social interest, and seemed to care deeply for those who were cursed, afflicted, or in great pain and despair. He always saw a different point of view towards things like hesery, vampirism, and similiar circumstances. 

Jarrak was rumored to have a second personality one far different than himself and even took on the name "Athrandath". This personality was eccentric, lustful, and violent. Not much is known about Athrandath other than that as few ever encountered this rumored personality or at least lived to tell the tale. 


Jarrak's origin is uknown other than that he grew up with three brothers and a cruel father. Some say his father was a powerful mage and expected great things of his three children, the oldest, Haral would go on as a prodigy. At a young age it was said Jarrak had been experimented on in a cruel blood magic ritual that changed his life forever, turning him into what has been known simply as the "Twisted-Blood curse". Pursueing the knowledge behind this curse; Jarrak would eventually leave his home, as his brothers have before him, in search of the secrets behind his father's magic and a possible cure. When finally discovering a strange book that was linked to the curse he saught out for its transaltor, a cipher, unfortunately his time would come to an end as he was apparently killed by his older brother, Haral, who saught to become an ultimate blood mage using the book's knowledge. 

Jarrak's legacy was left behind to an unknown benefactor; someone he trusted and to this day he remains burried in Newfall, the town in which he lived his last days.