General information
Full Name Kota Tiberius Banks
Title Grand Adventurer

Heir Of Banks

Race Human
Age 17 (Currently)
Faith Fire
Patron Solus
Residence Varraine
Occupation Writer



Family Yoake ( Adoptive sister)

Rigoletto (Butler and Comrade)

Relatives Enesa Banks (Grandmother)

Ezrah Banks (Father)

Juliet Banks ([Deceased] Sister)

Physical attributes
Height 5"8
Weight 129 lbs
Hair Colour Jet Black
Eye colour Hazel

This article is missing one or more table templates. You can help by adding them to this page. Kota Tiberius Banks of the Banks family is a Adventurer and Writer. He is a skilled tactician and close combat expert, and heir of the Banks Ancestry. He resides in the Halidom Of Varraine.


Kota Tibirius  has had three different stages to his appearence. 

Young Kota [ Eleven years old ]: Kota had a small, oval shaped face, and wild jet black hair that spiked in every direction. His eyes were almond shaped, with light brown pupils. Above them, were thin eyebrows that arched in, giving him a mischievous look. He stood 49, and his body was somewhat pudgy, being that he had a sweet tooth. Older Kota [Thirteen years- Sixteen Years]: Losing his baby fat, and growing exceptionally taller, Kota had a more lean body figure; ideal for flexible and acrobatic maneuvers. His hair has been trimmed, still spiking in all directions, and his hazel eyes now gave off a cool, non chalant expression. His face is now thinner and slightly chiseled, giving him a more attractive complexion.

Physical AttireEdit

Young Kota [Eleven Years Old]: Young Kota wore an acrobatic uniform; A black jump suit with a leather belt, and a scarlet red scarf that his grandmother knitted him. After a while, he began wearing a red blazer with a golden trim, with black pants and brown boots. Older Kota: Kota now wears a navy blue cloak with a white dress shirt, black Harlem pants, and brown steel toed boots. When dressing up for formal events, he wears a black velvet vest with golden buttons, black slacks and black boots. In battle, Kota dresses lightly, being a close combat specialist.