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Tulley Town is a town the is located in the center of Northern Caerundal. It is inhabited mostly by Halflings and is home to the famous Pantless Dragon Inn. It is frequented by travelers of all kinds and because of this has become a city remarkably focused on trade, despite it's origins as a farming town. The town was initially home to two prominent Halfling families: the Stoutnoses and the Norfoots. The latter left for Holsmere, although their family manor still stands. Find out more.

24th of October, 2013
▪ Bellon links us to the new Pick a Card episode.
20th of October, 2013
▪ Roman announces The Revenge of the Skrinair part 3.
16th of October, 2013
▪ Lars opens the long-awaited Age of Embers server for open beta-testing.
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