Mordred Artorius
The Shogun's Dark Knight
The Shogun's Dark Knight
Full Name Mordred Galen Artorius
Title The Dark Knight
Race Human
Age 26 Soli
Faith Wind
Patron Daeva The Stormcaller
Residence Lin Yi
Occupation Personal Guard
Family Aeria Eimhichor, Illiya Lockhart
Relatives Wardley Marrou
Physical attributes
Height 180 cm
Weight 78 kg
Hair Colour Black
Eye colour Unknown

 Mordred is a strong willed man who follows his ideals to the point that they had become ingrained into his soul as something that must be fulfilled to the point that life itself does not matter. His personality is quite contradicting to most people. He can appear cynical and downright nihilistic at times, especially due to past events, yet he is courageous and determined, while at the time can be extremely devoted and childish, making him very difficult to hate. He has appeared cold in the past, yet he has done so with the intention of focusing on his goals. He has, up until recently after a confrontation with Silbus, had viewed himself as a servant, a soldier, and a knight with little regard to his own humanity. Due to Silbus revealing her own issues and bringing to light his own, he has begun to slowly open up, revealing the man he once was to others, especially to Silbus and Keitara.When confronted by small children, Mordred has been known to freeze up, unsure of how exactly to handle the situation. Once it has become apparent that he is able to move, he displays a gentle nature rarely seen by others, often unknowingly aweing small children with his tired presence, playing with them and telling stories of heroes and villains, tales of chivalry, and even small snippets from his own life. Such acts have regarded him by children as something of another father figure for those struggling.

He prefers direct, fair confrontations based upon codes of chivalry yet is not so concerned by his own honor that he will not fight using underhanded tactics against multiple or extremely strong enemies. He feels no emotion from personal victories over his enemies, regarding them as wasted lives that could have been doing something great instead of confronting him so foolishly. He plans before battle, eyeing the enemy's weakness, be it emotional, psychological, or physical to destroy his foes should the need arise. Due to the need to reach his dream and to prevent many innocents from dying, he had come under the belief that to save ten lives, he would gladly sacrifice one and so on. Fortunately, that belief was crushed by himself and by the influence of meeting Keitara. Such ideas and sentiment would kill him on the battlefield and he knows this, yet he'd rather sacrifice only himself and no innocents. Such a belief would turn him into what he fights and he abandoned such zealotry before it could manifest.

After meeting Sylvia and witnessing her take up his dream, the true dream that he had begun with, he has come to see her as something of a little sister, a legacy for him to leave behind in the case that he died. Her belief, the belief she inspired in others to believe in him as a human, has softened him severely and he has come to notice that he doesn't mind much anymore.

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