Mortuus Caelum
Mortuus in his undead form.
Full Name Irvan Greywood (Mortuus Caelum)
Title The Immortal
Race Human (Undead)
Age 258 years
Faith Death
Patron Anann, the Aging
Residence Rosendale (From age 0-97)
Occupation Archmage (Retired)
Family Greywood (Formally)
Relatives Gerald Greywood (Father)

Losina Greywood (Mother)

Physical attributes
Height 6'1 ft (Human)
Weight 157 lbs (Human)
Hair Colour Greying (Human)
Eye colour Silver (Human)
Irvan Greywood was the Archmage of the College of Rosendale who devoted his entire life to discovering the secrets to cheat death. Towards the end of his life, Greywood casted a mixture of Death and Life spells upon himself, awaking within moments as a creature of the undead. Henceforth, he was known as Mortuus Caelum, The Immortal.

Early LifeEdit

Irvan Greywood was born an only child in a small settlement in Northern Caerundal known as Leetrin. The settlement was a mining community who's residence spent their days on end within the dark cavernous walls of Holdon Mine. Greywood's parents, Gerald and Losina were much older when they gave birth to him. By the time Greywood reached the age of 14, his mother was 64 years old and his father 69. Both nearing the end of their time instructed their son to-

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