Welcome to Uthrandir!Edit

Our belief system is rooted in a deep respect for the individual player and we aim to create an experience you won't be able to find anywhere else. NO harassment, NO lag and NO moderator's whim to follow.

Energized and inspired by the endless possibilities of Minecraft, we on Uthrandir have set out to create a new community based on our core belief system. A clean break from anything you have seen. We strive to achieve excellence in all facets of our development and to always try to be 'ahead of the normo'; never settling for mediocrity or giving into laziness and maintain our values and morals in perpetuity. If our beliefs and goals resonate with yours, then "you've finally found your home!"

The Uthrandir Servers are a collection of top quality Minecraft servers run under the name of Uthrandir. You can find several genres all easily accessible such as survival, roleplay, adventure, and more. Just take a look at some of the videos and we're positive you'll be hooked! (Quoted from home page)

Create Your CharacterEdit

  1. Select or create a Race
  2. Choose a name (Medieval , Fantasy , Witch , Wizard)
  3. Assign a suitable Minecraft skin (e.g: Planet Minecraft )
  4. Pick a Faith
  5. Write a basic character bio

Travel GuideEdit

  1. /spawn - takes you to the portal hub of Lammermoor
  2. Life Portal - Mosayis for beginniners & Elen'Dor for experienced roleplayers
  3. Chaos Portal - resource gathering in Baelorngar
  4. Air Portal - Melendor
  5. Earth Portal - Balkoth's Maw
  6. /quicktravel - vote to obtain tokens that allow you to travel directly to a city

Equip the BasicsEdit

  1. /uchar - set your RP character info (donate for more slots)
  2. ancient emeralds - vote whilst being in-game to obtain
  3. dynmap

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