Backstory and Current Time

Currently the last blood member of the Nightheart family line is the Dark Angel Kiara Nightheart who happens to be around 3000 soli old, though appears only 23. It seems it may not die, and yet live on with it's adopted family members, Kaltorin Yami Nightheart Aura Nightheart (More hyper links to be added as the character sheets are made), Kuari, and Maverik.

They currently own the estate of House Nightheart, which resides outside Darkling City. This family has suffered many losses and deaths, as well as killed many. They seem to be widely known in the area, and some know their faces throughout Caerundal. They have been ravaged by Dark Firebirds, Skrinair, The Inquisition, and more.


Darkling Woods = Friendly

Hye'Kin Raa = Friendly

Myr Tariniel = Friendly

Aranel Dominion = Neutral