Orwaldo Norfoot was a long serving mayor of Holsmere, famous for putting the then small halfling port on the map by becoming a vassal of the Graynor Empire. A neat, business-minded halfling with a sense of pride that would often get him into trouble, Orwaldo was very traditional in manner and famous for his diet of almost solely potatoes.

Orwaldo Norfoot
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The mayor in his later years.
Full Name Orwaldo Norfoot
Title Mayor of Holsmere 
Race Halfling
Age deceased
Faith Earth
Patron Agatha the Elder
Residence Holsmere
Occupation Ex-mayor of Holsmere, previously lumber merchant
Family Norfoot
Relatives Garfwin Norfoot

Sparno Norfoot

Physical attributes
Height 110cm
Weight 70kg
Hair Colour Light Brown (later white)
Eye colour Blue

Early LifeEdit

Orwaldo was brought up in a very distinguished and wealthy Halfling family, and thus, was able to get a very good education, and developed a great love for literature and poetry. Orwaldo, growing slightly tired of working on the familiar slopes of Tulley decided to branch out, and left his home for the bustling trade opportunities in Valeni. He was soon taken under the wing of a Mr. Fritzgear, who offered him a job at the Fritzgear Printing Press. Working with Fritzgear, Orwaldo quickly developed business skills and became a keen trader. Before long he set up his own timber business in Alfrodul, where he resided for some time.

After some years, Orwaldo received news from his family that his elderly father had passed away, and thus, he had now became heir to the mayorship of the small farming port, Holsmere. Seizing upon the opportunity, Orwaldo moved back to his homeland with the aim of bringing the halfling race out of obsurity and reform as a prominent and distinguished race in Caerundel.