Born a trickster and a traveller, much of Redskye is unknown. This biography is an assumption of fragments of the knowledge that has been found or revealed about the character since his time of repute in the realms of Uthrandir.

A known picture of Redskye
Full Name Redskye
Title Of The Cradle 
Race Unknown
Age Unknown
Faith Chaos
Patron Unknown
Residence Cradle
Occupation Represtnative of The Cradle
Family Redskye
Relatives Tallulah Redskye (wife)

Siarh Redskye (Adopted Dravar son)

Aracoe Redskye (son)

Amishe Redskye (Adopted Nershe daughter)

Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Colour Unknown
Eye colour Unknown


Redskye is known for wearing a mask. This mask is rumoured to contain strange powers of unknown origin, but not enough information at the time is present to determine anything. However, it is known that these masks are a cultural Icon in Redskye's culture, but it's exact origins and purpose are known only to Redskye. However, the mask does seem to have the ability to sense when other wearers of the same type of mask are in any sort of danger.

Redskye wears a red coat. This coat seemingly has a hammer space, allowing Redskye the ability to "conjure" anything he needs, at any time. The coat is also noted as "fashionable" by many, as the coat seems to fit in any type of modern fashion. The tailor of this coat however, remains a mystery to this day.


Redskye's personality can not be defined with a few words, as his behaviour is quite erratic. However, a few personality traits include the disability to answer questions with a single answer, and the lack of giving information about himself to those he meets. He also frequently jokes around and is often seen with gag items, which he pulls out of his coat, seemingly out of nowhere.

Although Redskye's behaviour is rather sporadic, once he finds something he has to set his mind to, he usually handles the task quite efficiently. In this way he managed to conquer Vaxxerana, and become a true duke of Linarae. It is usually unwise to underestimate Redskye as he has constantly proven people wrong despite the insurmountable odds against him


A lot of Redskye's past is shrouded, as the both infamous and famous jester never reveals much about himself. However, it is known that before he came to Caerundal, he travelled throughout Demaethia.

He was first sighted publicly in 5993, and was noted to have joined the Bandit King Dead and company in Terramor. Since then he has been sighted numerous time in great cities such as Tidebreaker's Halt, Terramor, Darkling woods and Valeni, all while staying loyal to the bandits of Terramor. However, when the bandits left Terramor, Redskye did not. This is when the sky city of Cradle was first spotted.

He hung around darkling where he had already been sighted multiple times. He stole the soul of Kiori'kin Ishiin, by giving her a gem that would take her soul upon death. He then indoctrinated the powerful witch into joining his strange group.

Redskye then started operating from The Cradle, occupying Valencian lands, as he started conquering the lands around him. Redskye participated in the fall of Vaxxerana, and The King of Valeni recognised Redskye's power and gave him the title of Duke. A few months later, Redskye got drunk and ended up marrying Tallulah Hozen. However the marriage was anulled due to Varraine law, which stated both parties had to be sober during the actual wedding. The couple soon rewedded, but the location and time are still unknown. Soon afterwards, Redskye and Tally adopted a dravar son named Siarh, and some time after that, Tally gave birth to a son, Aracoe. They lived together as a family for many soli, and even adopted a nershe child named Amishe. Unfortunately, happiness wouldn't last. Redskye's antics earned him the ire of Lich Lord Andralemech Vandiir of Grixis. While Emperor Panezzi looked the other way, Andralemech declared war on Redskye and The Cradle.

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