Religion is a set of beliefs that govern the way denizens of Uthrandir order their lives. Sometime before the Age of Rekindling, it became illegal to follow any religion besides the Faiths, and illegal for any person to practice more than two Faiths at any given time. Today, this is enforced by groups such as the Inquisition, The Cobalt Order and various other groups


The Faiths are set of guidelines given through eight philosophies, each being characterized by three Patrons. These philosphies are Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Order, Chaos, Life, and Death.

The Faiths not only dictate lifestyles, but also provide the use of Magic for dedicated followers.

Due in part to the near-appocalypse brought about by the Skrinrair several thousand years ago, it has become illegal for individuals to practice more than two faiths at once.


Idealism is a sub-following of the Faiths. Unlike normal followers of the Faiths, Idealists do not follow specific Patrons, but instead follow the ideals and beliefs held by the Faith as a whole. Idealists do not necessarily deny the existance of Patrons or Ireneus, but simply prefer not to align themselves to them. In many ways, Idealist act in a way not unsimilar to regular followers, and are generally treated as such without prejudice.


While the eight divine faiths are almost uninamously worshipped by all denizens of Uthrandir, throughout the realm's history there have been some occasions of heathen religions becoming quite prominent. The Inquisitition, led by Grand Inquisitor Tyrius, work to depose of all heathen religions and enforce the following of the divine patrons.

A somewhat prominent heretic religion is that of Om'echan, which reportedly was formed in Damaethia and spread to the Duchy of Bordeaux

Another Prominent but inactive at the moment heritical faith is the Ocult, Conclave of Dreams ,