The lore as written on the official Uthrandir website is known as 'server lore' and makes the basis of the Uthrandir universe. Server lore is 'fact' while player generated content, or 'player lore' is essentially just 'story'. Not until player lore is posted on the official website (at the discretion of the server's administrators) does it then become 'fact'. Characters and beings in the Uthrandir universe may dispute or disregard 'server lore', however this is uncommon and not 'fact' but purely a story or opinion. 


Below are some guidelines as set out by server admin and founder Lars on the topic. Some guidelines:

  • Damatheia refers to all uncharted waters and lands outside of the currently playable continents of Uthrandir. When you carry over a character from another server you refer to those lands as being in Damatheia.
  • Many stories have been told about Damatheia and the people of Caerundal have no way to get there and also have no way to knowing whatever is told about it is true. This means players can make up anything they want.
  • By nature Damatheia is ungraspable, everyone has a different version. Studies on Damatheia are possible, they'd just never really find any truth.
  • When talking about Player Lore during roleplay, it will be much more likely for people to not believe your tales if they are too far fetched.
  • It is possible to make up your own religion but it is not something you declare openly. The vast majority of Uthrandirians follow the Eight Faiths and will not hesitate to dispose of a heretic.

For more information, visit the official post on the topic.