The Skrinair is a term most used to describe the race from Caerundael that was most magicly attuned. This abuse of magic however caused negative effects to their mental state and body; their form twisted unnaturally and tinted black as charcoal and their comprehension waned variably. The term truely means to describe this horrible alteration to the humanoid form. Some of these unfortunate creatures lost most of their sanity and intelligence, but kept their magical prowess making them deadly beasts. Others held onto their sanity, but their twisted form lead them into outcast from the mortals. They achieved immortality through age, but lost their ability to reproduce. 

Normally this would cause a race into extinction slowly, but nothing could kill magical abominations. Mortals eventually came to the point of their magical progression that they had created the Cobalt Order [link needed] who were powerful sorcerers. Mostly slain by the Cobalt Order the skrinair were lead to exterpation and very few are even thought to remain. 

Applications in RoleplayEdit

The Skrinair rank and use of the 'race' is limited to administrators only, but rarely seen. The most known instance of a Skrinair character would be the Shadow [link needed].

Fun factsEdit

Skrinair often tempted the Cobalt Wizards into joining their ranks to increase their numbers. Some Cobalt Wizards even after refusing this offer and killing the Skrinair had exhausted and consumed so much magical energy that they too became Skrinair.

Due to the similarities between Endermen and Skrinair they are considered unintelligent Skrinair and 'endermen' or anything 'ender' cannot be roleplayed without staff permissions.

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