Terramor alive

Terramor before the fall.

Terramor is the former home of the bandits before they disappeared for reasons unknown. There is a wide variety of speculation about what happened to the majority of the bandits, but the bandits that did not vanish and remained in Terramor refuse to say if they know what happened.

The Bandit Rule of TerramorEdit

The bandits did not simply settle in Terramor, it was taken by force from the Kayuns by The Bandit King Dead after they left their homeland and their previous city of Protaras. When it was owned by the Kayuns the towns primary resource was all the gold in its mines, the mines were primarily worked by slaves. The bandits liberated the slaves and also slaughtered their government officials. Terramor was newly ruled by The Bandit King Dead and The Bandit Queen Tchel, as well as their appointed Bandit Overlords Rowan and Tori. Many of the inhabitants disliked magic outright and wouldn't be afraid to kill a man for daring to use it in their city. Many bandits wore skull masks similar to their Kings, it is said that they were created using the skull of their first victim and given to them by their King or Queen, some believe these masks had special properties to make their owners stronger, though not every bandit wore their mask they could not be a true bandit of Terramor without one.

The Fall of TerramorEdit

Although many would say that at the time Terramor was the strongest city with the most influence, somehow the majority of the population disappeared for reasons unknown, although it was not completely devoid of bandits it quickly fell into ruin. Only two remained after the fall. Shokk'la, and undead orc, and George, a human forever scarred by fire magic. Unfortunately for those left behind both soon went insane, they became mostly docile and started believing that their scarecrow was alive and named Phillip. Although they were insane they still lived for a while with the occasional visitor, when asked about the other bandits Shokk'la didn't seem to know what they were talking about, but George would seem to grasp back onto his sanity for a moment like he alone knew exactly what happened though still refuse to say anything. Unfortunately George went insane with paranoia, causing him to retreat to a cave in the north hoping nobody would find him there, soon after he left for the cave Shokk'la found him there, unconscious and covered in poisonous spider bites, but alive. Shokk'la carried him all the way to Darkling Woods trying to find somebody who could heal his friend, but it was too late, George died in Darkling Woods and the secrets he knew about Terramor went with him. After the death of George, Shokk'la became much more secluded and his whereabouts are unknown. Some say though, there is a ghost of Terramor still around.