Divine OneEdit

The divine one is first a Lord of one of the eight faiths [link needed], and is crowned by his or her seven Peers. Once Crowned, They will be rewarded by hearing the voice of Ireneus Himself, and will set out on any task our god commands gifted with a small fraction of his power.


The divine one has many priviledges that come with his duties. The first being able to grant mortals Pardons for their crimes, no matter what nation or empire they are under. The second is the Right to create new Artifacts; such tools of imense power must be thought out carefully and are extremely taxing to create. Any one Divine One can only create one artifact in his lifetime as that is all Ireneus shall allow. Lastly the Divine One has the power to change Divine Law, but all changes must be approved by his seven Peers and cannot be moved out of favour of the eight faiths.

The Divine One is said to be the strongest player character of Uthrandir, as such he upholds the duty to defend Uthrandir from threats from a grander perspective than petty wars or squables. The Divine One also must crown Kings and Queens of legitimate empires to keep the world in balance though if unwelcome by the nation he will merely decree it.