The Shadow is the sentience of one of the last few Skrinair that survived the war against the Cobalt Order. He seeks revenge against them all.

His RevengeEdit

The Shadow was trapped with the Tome of Shadow, a book his soul was forever bound to, until the hidden tome was found by men from Tidebreaker's Halt. The men delivered this tome to their emporer of the kingdom of Graynor, Roman, and it was that man the Shadow possessed. After regaining his power which was much easier as head of a kingdom the Shadow revealed himself as Skrinair once more and twisted the body of Roman as he used his intense magic. He travelled to the base of the Cobalt Order in Northern Caerundael and wiped out all the remaining wizards, whose population had dwindled since the end of the war, finding it easy to do so after the death of the powerful ArchWitch Ganorga [link needed]. The new, young ArchWizard went into hiding barely escaping his wrath.

Presumed DeathEdit

After seeking out his revenge he is assumed to have grown bored of this land and travelled far off or have died elsehow as he has not been seen in over a soli.

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