Tulley Town
Sunrise outside Tulley Town
Tulley Map
The Tulley Region
Type Farming Town
Status Unknown
Location Central Northern Caerundel
Leader King Xavier Ventus

Tulley Town, or simply Tulley, is situated in the centre of Caerundel's Northern continent and has been one of the most popular thoroughfares for travellers and merchants from across the realm.

The localsEdit

Inhabited predominantly by halflings, the town has a relatively small residing population made up mainly farmers.The town was initially settled by two prominent halfling families, the Stoutnoses and the Norfoots. The latter of which later resettled in Holsmere, however their family manor still stands today. The Stoutnoses have, almost since the towns inception, worked the shops boutiques in the town, becoming some of the most popular and well-known merchants on the continent. Alongside the famous Pantless Dragon Inn, the Stoutnoses are likely the reason Tulley became such a popular and important destination.


Wagon to Holsmere

Ship to Valeni

Balloon to Esamtar

Train to Karuk-Thol


Hobbit Hole