Featured Pages

This project is here to nominate new Featured pages, and maintain the quality of these nominations.


The Featured pages project is divided into 4 processes.

  1. Nominating new articles to be featured on the Main Page.
  1. Writing the text of the article preview for the Main Page.
  1. Maintaining the quality of the featured article line-up and removing those which fall out of quality.
  1. Determining the line up of articles whenever a new article is accepted.

Current MembersEdit


Add any and all articles you'd see fit for being a Featured Page below in the nominate section. It will be revised and can be commented on by anyone. When a member of the project decides the article is of sufficient quality to be a Featured Page it will be moved to the accepted section by them, and they will sign it using ~~~~. When it proves to be of insufficient quality, it will be rejected, and instead moved to the rejected pages section, and subsequently signed.


If you wish to indulge yourself into the writing of the text of the next featured page, then you can do so here. Please, however do not mess up the rest of the page, as this will result in a warning/block from the wiki.


There's also the issue of the order in which the featured pages will be shown. Feel free to change the order in the accepted pages section. The upper article will feature first, and so on untill the last one. Try to keep it so that the articles are varied, and stay interesting to the readers.


Put any nominations here.

Accepted pagesEdit

All accepted pages should be put here, in order of getting to the front page.

Rejected pagesEdit

All rejected pages here.


Is there anything you don't agree to, say a page being nominated, or a page being rejected, please post so here, all the while also signing.  

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